• Olinda The Virgin Solid Silicone Female Doll


Olinda is a virgin silicone female love doll waiting to lose her virginity. Take her to your home and don't keep her waiting.

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Product Detail
She comes with the basic construction listed below. Olinda is a superb silicone love doll waiting for you to take her virginity away.
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 40 lbs
Stats: 28"-20"-28"
Chest: A small B approximately
Your choice of hair color.
Skeleton: Articulated PVC & bungi cord joints
Extremely Satisfying
Breasts & Butt is filled with silicon gel (this gel will not leak)
Solid Silicone Skin
Easy to clean
Odorless with a slight citrus scent
Resists tears
Real life eyes and tender lips. Functional in all standard positions
Exceptionally satisfying
Can be stored in the shipping crate
Flexible for comfortable positioning
Looks like an 18 year old virgin
She has a new slimer design
You can customize her appearance

She is made of laminated silicone skin with foam and internal PVC skeletal structure. This keeps her light and durable.
Breaking-in the entries is needed to prevent premature tears. Vaginal & oral entries need a dildo (the size you like) inserted with a good amount of lubricant and left inside for 24 hours.
After it has set for 24 hours, check if the entry fits you comfortably. If not repeat the 24 hours insertion steps listed above and check again in another 24 hours.

Please Note:
Sometimes the silicone may be a little hard after demolding. This will soften in a month or so. Once the silicone softens, it will stay that way for a long time. Please be careful when scratching or compressing the silicone, as she may tear.
With proper care she should be your special companion for many years to come.

Terms & Conditions:

This is a custom made love doll. It takes an estimate of 5-6 weeks for delivery. All orders are shipped at our patron's convenience around your schedule.

Once we start working on your customizable love doll your order can no longer be cancelled. We can only cancel it if we have not yet billed your card, and if we did but not yet started working on your order then you can cancel it with a 15% handling fee.

At this time we only ship this particular item to USA and Canada only. However, we ship worldwide the rest of our catalogue.

For further questions you may call us toll free at 1.866.427.0999

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