• Natalie - Full Body Silicone Love Doll


Full body realistic silicone love doll. The perfect love personal companion doll at the perfect time.

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Product Detail
She comes with the basic construction listed below.
Height: 5 feet or 1.5 meters
Weight: 55 lbs or 25 Kg
Chest: 36 in or 92.5 cm
Waist: 24 in or 61 cm
Hips: 36 in or 92.5 cm
Your choice of hair color.
Skeleton: Articulated PVC & bungi cord joints
Extremely Satisfying
Unbelievably Jiggly Breasts and Butt
Solid Silicone Skin
Easy to clean
Odorless with a slight citrus scent
Resists tears
Real life eyes and tender lips. Functional in all standard positions
Exceptionally satisfying
Can be stored in the shipping crate
Flexible for comfortable positioning

Terms & Conditions:

This is a custom made love doll. It takes an estimate of 5-6 weeks for delivery. We will confirm your order by email, phone or mail and send you a form by email to specify your other additional preferences such as the lips color & size, eye shadow, eye liner and other customizable choices. We will then ship your order to the address you requested, and send you the tracking number. All orders are shipped at our patron's convenience around your schedule.

After we confirm your order and your choices with you then we will bill your card. Once we start working on your customizable love doll your order can no longer be cancelled. We can only cancel it if we have not yet billed your card, and if we did but not yet started working on your order then you can cancel it with a 15% handling fee.

At this time we only ship this particular item to USA and Canada only. However, we ship worldwide the rest of our catalogue.

For further questions you may call us toll free at 1.866.427.0999

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  Review On Natalie Solid Silicone Love Doll February, 2010
Reviewer: James M. From MO US
Natalie Solid Silicone Love Doll is a great doll. All of her joints are internal which makes her a triple jointed contortionist, and she will assume any position that you desire. She is beautiful and has a shape that is thin and desirable for any sexual activities. Once you stick your penis into her pussy or her butt by bending her over a table you can use both holes without changing positions you are hooked when have penetrated her deep...

She can manipulate and make you loose control and you hope that she can't get pregnant, but it feels like she is trying to when you fill her pussy up with all what you got.

I can tell you that you won't need viagra to get and hold an erection, you will be the one who loses control of yourself because she doesn't have any desire for you to stop. The only thing is she is extremely heavy but she won't move around in bed. She is perfect companion for a single man or a man with a permissive mate. Her legs can be raised high when she bends at the waist and her pussy opens wide for easy entry. Her fingers and toes are real and separate not molded together. She is expensive in price but worth it.

She is custom made and it takes 6 weeks to get delivery and labor is not cheap. With the price and the inconvinience of waiting for delivery I don't know who else has one, I do and she is all I have said about her and worth every single penny. She will keep you company anytime you need a woman and never talks back or complains and is always ready to entertain you.

For the connossuer who has normal needs and can afford her, Natalie Solid Silicone Love Doll is the one for you. I bought it here on vibeplease.com a great company to buy your sex toys from.

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